Less than a month ago the second  edition of ngEurope conference was held in Paris,  people were giddy with excitement about the two days ahead …They were from all over the world but they have gathered and shared the same love for Angular …and for the french cheese.

They were right: Paris is always a good idea.

The conference was opened by Misko Hevery aka the father of Angular, he started with a comparison of angular 1 and angular 2 community size, followed by some notes on performance optimization, material design, the focus on mobile devices, and closed his keynote with angular universal where the whole framework can be run on the server.


Miško Hevery, ng-europe 2016

Vanessa Yeunn made a hell of a show presenting Augury, the chrome extension for debugging angular 2 applications with its interesting visual tree components … closing it with a cute live demo where humans should not failed cats.

And obviously reactive programming was a thing among the angular community, there were more than one talk introducing the concept. We were astonished by how Tero Parvianien played music using Observables … you can live the dream from here http://teropa.info/in-c/ … Observables were also introduced by André Staltz… and for the first time I wasn’t frighten hearing the term, he made it look like a piece of cake. Thank you André.

Adam Bradely, co creator of Ionic framework, gave an awesome talk explaining the evolution of the mobile web using the history of cars industry.

In a nutshell, it was not « yet another conference » but an opportunity to socialize and meet others who share the same passion. You will always run into someone from whom you can learn something new.

Videos are online, good content and interesting talks can be found here

You might want to check these awesome event pictures by Thierry Chatel