We are introducing a new “Wakanda Stories” series, highlighting developers and enterprises and their experiences with the Wakanda platform. 

The Wakanda platform is an open-source environment designed to simplify workflow, giving developers complete autonomy to design, create, and build high-performance web and mobile apps.

As a growing platform with an emerging community, we value constructive feedback from active developers around the world to make the best product possible. That’s why we gave Corey, an experienced web designer, the opportunity to build an application through Wakanda and share his experience.

What type of application were you able to create?

Within the timeframe I was given, I created a simple “to-do” app that allowed me to quickly record, keep track of, and accomplish high priority tasks I needed to do. I don’t primarily work in Angular or Ionic frameworks, but building this “to-do” app within Wakanda increased my ability to create a proof of concept and test it out.

Can you share your initial thoughts from the onset of beginning your project?

Sure. When clicking on the yellow download button on the home page, I was brought to the bottom of the page where I could choose between the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition. While trying to download the Community Edition from this location, I was taken to another download page on the Wakanda GitHub account. Then when I clicked to download, another button appears asking me to select my computer OS. In my opinion, there were too many clicks just to download the platform.

You mentioned to us that you got a call from one of our reps after that process. How was her customer service?

During the initial testing, when I filled out my contact information, I did receive a call from one of your reps named Sara—she was very kind and polite. I’m sure if I were someone else looking to use the Wakanda platform, she would have pushed me in a positive direction if I were deciding to purchase your Enterprise platform.

Great! So let’s continue with you getting started…

From a documentation standpoint, using the Wakanda GitHub documentation was not really helpful in getting me started with the project. Giving one sentence explanations with images didn’t help much. I’d say having tutorials that show how to create a simple to-do apps would be a great resource. There appeared to be better documentation and information located on the actual website.

So how were you able to get started?

When I tweeted about using Wakanda platform, within a few minutes your team had sent me an email containing some resources to read and watch. While I’m not fluent in AngularJS, I have played with it before and the single link that was included in my email was a game changer! If this link had been somewhere more prominent, walking through this tutorial would have saved me so much time.

Once you were able to really dig deep, what were your thoughts on the platform from a web developer standpoint?

After getting taste of the Wakanda platform, here’s my best definition of what Wakanda platform appears to be: Wakanda platform is a robust IDE that enables you to use your favorite JavaScript frameworks like Angular and Ionic to build and quickly prototype JavaScript based web and mobile applications.

All in all, I think the Wakanda Platform is a great product and would prove very useful to JavaScript developers working in the world of JavaScript Applications, specifically with AngularJS and Ionic.

As an experienced developer, what opportunities of growth stick out for you the most?

If possible, I would reduce the number of clicks it takes to actually download the platform. There also appeared to be a huge difference in consistency regarding my ability to effectively navigate between the different locations for documentation. They appeared to be spread out between numerous and different locations, making it difficult to find. Also, while the YouTube videos show off the capabilities of your platform, some are outdated and don’t really offer much education in terms of helping me use your platform. Wakanda could gain a much quicker and larger following just by creating some useful and high level educational videos that walk a potential user through a demo like the one I created. Watching four or five, 5- to 10-minute long videos on how to create your first app, not only builds trust with developers, but also gets your users up and running on your platform quickly and effectively. Once these matters are addressed, Wakanda could have the ability to become a go-to IDE for developers starting down the path of Node and Angular.

Thanks Corey for partnering with us on this case study. In light of Corey’s review, we have some exciting news to share that addresses some of issues he and others in the community have mentioned! Coming in the Spring of 2017:

New Documentation:  Modernized, open-sourced documentation that’s optimized for the current generation of developers. Aggregated content in one place, with less clicks, enveloped in a modern design.

New Training Video Series: A collection of 2- to 3-minute educational videos designed with new users in mind. Organized by chapters, these videos will empower the most novice of developers to create great apps.

Brand new workflow video highlighting the various components of Wakanda’s platform.

All in all, developers can rest assured that Wakanda is another great tool for their developer toolbox. Try it FREE for yourself here.