Last week we published a video showing you the benefits of Wakanda Pro Connector. Now, we go a little deeper to better explain these connectors to you.

MySQL and Wakanda … One Project, Two Databases

As we explained before, data integration is a key issue for most companies. The Wakanda Pro Connector removes all the complexity when interacting with your back-end and allows you to simultaneously use both:

  • Wakanda’s built-in DB and
  • MySQL DB

Whatever your choice is, we aim to provide you with a seamless multi-model experience with an API that you can use to code your business logic and manipulate your data using JavaScript.

Wakanda PRO connector

Connect your mySQL model

If you’re already familiar with Wakanda’s built-in database, you know that you can expect the same straightforward experience using MySQL!

How does it work?


When you connect to the MySQL database using our API, the MySQL model connects itself automatically to Wakanda’s model. Thanks to an abstraction layer, you can view your MySQL structure (tables, fields, and relations) in Wakanda’s Data Model Editor. Even though this connection between the two models is quite simple, we are working on a wizard that will make it even easier for you. 

Data Manipulation

You can benefit from a comprehensive, flexible, and powerful JavaScript API to manipulate your data. From simple CRUD operations to complex queries with multiple filters across multiple tables, everything is at your fingertips.

Of course, you can mix all these operations among all the models you connect to in Wakanda. Since rich applications usually give rise to complex business rules, being able to manipulate data is not enough. That’s why in Wakanda you can extend your Model in several ways:

Data Security

connector pro - security

Edit permissions in one click

You can secure your data by specifying permissions at every level using the model, dataclass, or attribute panels in Wakanda Studio. It’s so easy that you have no excuse for not securing your data.

Data Management

On the data quality management side, you can add any database events to check data integrity. There’s no need to write complex stored procedures or triggers. Everything can be done in JavaScript.

In Wakanda, you also have the opportunity to create dynamic JavaScript objects, called calculated attributes, to manipulate data on-the-fly.


Wakanda Connector Pro natively integrates the foreign key declared in your MySQL database. Therefore, you can manage your CRUD operations, your queries, and more generally all the APIs by using the syntax for JavaScript objects. You don’t have to use complex joins and instead go through your relations. It’s as easy as “table1.relation.table2.field”.

Unfortunately quite often when working with MySQL you won’t find a relation set. No big deal, as we allow new relations declared between your MySQL tables.  

With Wakanda, you have full control of your back-end without having a DBA intervene! By creating functional relations in Wakanda, you considerably accelerate your development process while setting constraints and improving the integrity of your data.

JavaScript Methods

Accessing a database without any extra business rules on the back-end makes no sense. You generally need stored procedures, PHP, Java, or some other server-side language to define your application’s business logic. With Wakanda, you develop your app’s business logic directly in JavaScript even when working with your MySQL database.

Here are the main advantages of coding all the business logic into methods at the model level:

  • Methods that can be declared at the following levels: Entity (single row), Collection (multiple rows) or Dataclass (table),
  • Configurable permissions to promote and execute, and 
  • Methods that are automatically exposed to the front-end.

Front-End magic

A new solution is now available for all your MySQL applications at no cost. With everything you’ve developed at the Model level, Wakanda provides you with an automatic and native REST API to interact with the front-end.

Of course, you can also consume your back-end objects in Wakanda Studio either using:

  • Wakanda’s Prototyper or
  • Angular or Ionic when coding the front-end of your Web or mobile app.

As a JavaScript developer, you can add value to any back-end without having any particular database skills thereby reducing costs and simplifying the maintenance of your apps.

A real use case

In addition to this blog post, we prepared a quick video overview of a real use case to illustrate the benefits of using the Wakanda Pro Connector.

In this video, we discuss a hotel chain that is developing a multi-channel eBooking system with Wakanda and how they need to also plug it into their legacy MySQL customer database.

This example demonstrates how easy it is to:

  • Connect to your MySQL database,
  • Manipulate data with pure JavaScript,
  • Work seamlessly with multiple databases,
  • Extend and secure your MySQL model using database events, JavaScript methods, and relations, and
  • Reap the benefits of using a native REST API.

Check out our video of this real use case for yourself!

Do you want to try it out for yourself?

The MySQL Connector Pro is already available in the Enterprise Edition of Wakanda Digital App Factory. You can download it at www.wakanda.io.

For more information about the MySQL Connector Pro, read about it in the Wakanda Documentation.


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