For our latest blog we invited Xiang Liu (also known as Shawn), Technical Service Engineer at 4D, to write about his experience at Ng-Conf. Shawn is a seasoned veteran with 4D and Wakanda and has been to multiple NG-Conferences:

Ng-Conf 2017 was THE BEST event I have ever attended.  This was our third time in Salt Lake City for Ng-Conf and it still managed to outdo itself yet again. The Wakanda team delivered yet another successful roadshow and had a lot of fun in the process.

An Event Centered Around Community

Ng-Conf doesn’t have a specific company backing and is completely organized by the Angular community. That’s what makes this event so unique and successful. Every participant (organizer, speaker, sponsor and attendee) contributes to the event to make sure it serves everyone’s interest. The event featured technical talks, as well as games, parties, sports, and a live concert (yeah, you heard it right). For us, it was the best place to connect with the Angular community, get a sense of the community’s understanding of Wakanda, and receive their feedback.

Passionate Participants

We had the chance to showcase Wakanda to about 1,200 Angular developers. Everyone there was enthusiastic, dedicated, and passionate. They came from all sorts of industries beyond technology—industries like media, healthcare, and financial. I am amazed to see how far Angular has reached in our daily lives. We engaged with beginners who just want to learn Angular faster, developers who wanted a strong back-end solution to support their front-end app, as well as experts who were eager to share their knowledge and push Angular to next level.

Our Message

With the release of Wakanda 2.0 right before Ng-Conf, our message to the community was simple and clear: In the back-end, provide an endpoint to access data from anywhere in any form. In the front-end, automate of the entire development process so developers can focus on coding. We had an excellent team to convey that message. The four of us come from sales, engineering, marketing and support. We were able to deliver the message on the stage, at the booth, in small talks, and over social media.

Feedback From the Community

Our Chief Commerical Officer Ricardo delivered our message on stage in front of the entire audience. From my perspective, it absolutely hit home with most of them. Everyone who saw our demo was impressed by Wakanda’s multi data model and how quickly we integrated Angular CLI in the automation build process (considering it was just released before the event). Most of our demos started as 30-second pitches that turned into 5-10 minutes conversations diving into developer’s needs of backend and data and how Wakanda can help. Here are the highlights of their feedback:

  • For back-end developers, accessing SQL databases in Angular applications is still inevitable. And it’s painful. Wakanda’s connectors can solve their problems perfectly.
  • For front-end developers, they like virtual models the most. They love the idea of a visual model and using a unified RESTful API to access the model connecting to multiple datasources.
  • Studio is well received for those looking for a full IDE so their workflow can be covered from dev to deployment.

Ricardo received many requests from community organizers to introduce Wakanda at their meetups across the world.

My Takeaway From Ng-Conf

Our success at Ng-Conf 2017 was beyond my expectation.  Our team worked like a well-oiled machine. It was a blast working with experts in all fronts. We created by far the biggest social media buzz.

In summary, Angular 4 is smaller and faster. Wakanda takes advantage of Angular CLI and makes the automation to its true form. Multi-Model is absolutely a killer feature for developers. I cannot wait to return to Ng-Conf 2018 again.

If you’re a developer and curious about Wakanda 2.0, download our FREE community version and see the benefits for yourself: http://wakanda.github.io/get-started/