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We released Wakanda Digital App Factory, a full packaged JavaScript platform, on December 7, 2015 to help companies accelerate their app’s digital transformation and to speed up their app’s time to market.

Wakanda Digital App Factory provides you with powerful front-end (Wakanda Studio) and back-end (Wakanda Server) features to shape all your digital application development needs.

Wakanda Studio provides you with a great coding experience embracing the Multi Channel paradigm by simplifying Web and mobile front-end development. On the other side, Wakanda Server offers you a complete JavaScript experience to define your app’s business logic and to unlock the power of data stored in back-end and legacy systems.

“Bring Your Own Data Model”

Developing applications that provide seamless integration with company back-end systems can be challenging.

One of the key challenges is to build applications sharing data and transactions simultaneously and securely with enterprise back-end systems such as ERP, Content Management Systems, legacy databases, or existing Cloud-based applications.

We are launching Wakanda PRO Connectors to simplify the integration of mobile and Web applications to any back-end and legacy system.

Wakanda PRO Connectors introduce a unique approach “Bring Your Own Data Model.” This concept takes the integration of the back-end and legacy systems to the next level by providing you with an easy-to-use solution and securely leveraging the company’s data as well as its IT assets.

More PRO connectors are coming soon!

A set of PRO connectors will soon be available for our customers who are wanting to accelerate their mobile and Web application development life-cycle with the Wakanda Platform.

The MySQL Connector Pro is already available in the Enterprise Edition of Wakanda Digital App Factory. You can download it here: 

Start using the new Digital App Factory today

For more information, refer to our Wakanda Documentation.

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