Wakanda was present in the Gartner’s  Application Strategies & Solutions Summit. The event was held this last December in Las Vegas.

As you know, Gartner is a leader in guiding companies into their digital transformation. This particular event was a great opportunity for us at Wakanda to share ideas with the most innovative companies.

Why is this important to you in particular?

As a developer,  software vendor or a partner, you want a product that is ready for the IT challenges ahead of your clients. You also want a product that is moving accordingly with all the important trends in the digital market.

Wakanda was recognised by Gartner (Wakanda was nominated ‘Cool Vendor’ in 2016)  and we want to make sure that working together with Gartner will maximise your chances to succeed.

Just to understand the context, 4 years ago Gartner urged companies to have a mobile and a cloud strategy. As we all know they were absolutely right.

This time, the new strategy for the next 4 years is involving the following concepts: Bimodal Company and Digital Transformation.

Lets start with the Bimodal IT:

“Bimodal is the practice of managing two separate but coherent styles of work: one focused on predictability; the other on exploration. Simply put, bimodal recognizes that there are areas of the enterprise that have more certainty, objectives are clear, cause and effect is understood, we can predict and plan — this is Mode 1. In other areas, requirements are unclear and changing, the relationship between action and outcome is uncertain, and things are less well understood at the start — this is Mode 2.”

With Wakanda you have the chance to explore a Bimodal development with one product. Keep your Mode 1 safely guard and accessible via our database connectors and middleware. Then, you can unleash the power of mobile and experimentation for Mode 2 without disrupting the constant side of your business.  

Gartner was alerting us that the new Bimodal concept is already a reality for many companies. You as a developer should should embrace it and subsequently prepare your clients to operate well in both modes.

Now lets check digital transformation. Gartner is betting on the following 5 key areas :

  1. Customers : The key aspect here is how do you engage with your clients. Are you taking a broader view and connecting with your customers via all the ways possible ?
  2. Ecosystems : Is your business or software closing the gap between other departments, clients, suppliers and vendors ? Do you have an strategy to better interact with all the elements of your ecosystem?
  3. IT Systems: Are you supporting a bimodal view ? Is the way you run your IT today empowering your company ?
  4. Things : Soon or later you will interface with other hardware/things, are you getting ready for that, are you getting ready to have sensors as a subject in your next IT meeting ?
  5. Intelligence : is your whole system learning from itself and improving ? what are you using to monitor the intelligence being distributed on the last 4 items ?

These 5 areas represent a great opportunity for developers and partners. If you are a Wakanda developer or a small or medium vendor, you can create mobile products that will help other companies reach 1 or more topics mentioned by Gartner.

Do you want to know more ? Do you have an idea but you need the team to implement ? Please drop me a line at ricardo.mello@wakanda.io !