Are you daunted by how complex mobile and web development became ? JavaScritpt or TypeScript ? Angular or React ?

You are not alone. 

If you are starting on the path of mobile or web development, you are possibly thinking :

What the blip happened with JS, HTML and CSS ?

Today, the scenario is dramatically  different, right?


Just consider … 


  • NodeJS  ‘flow’ has a particular learning curve;
  • NPM (or similar package management systems) is a must;
  • JavaScript is evolving at higher pace (EMAScript 2015, ES2016) and putting your code on extra tools to keep everything compatible (compilers, transpilers etc);
  • Frameworks are used everywhere and become obsolete at the same pace;
  • Devices keep popping up (watch, rings, bracelets);
  • Mobile usage is expanding (microprocessors in cars, drones, appliances…);
  • TypeScript!
  • Zillions of libraries trying to help small parts of your App;
  • App building (packaging and configuration);

Do you need to dive into all these knowledge to build a workable (and maintainable)  App ?

The answer is YES.

Mobile and web development changed and that is the reality. You need large communities to keep the pace of  new trends (libraries, frameworks and patterns). Today,  it is becoming increasingly hard to cope with the complexity and develop things from scratch (without any help from – many – open source projects).

The point of this article is “HOW” should you start learning now, effectively. 

If you are an developer, a good approach would be:

    • To have a tool automating the majority of the actions (so you can learn them progressively). Automation here means “just automate the tasks without adding any different tools other than the most used by the community“.  WHY ? You want to be learning all the tools as they are, not with a layer from another vendor (no lock-in).


    • To have data ready for you. You should get a rich backend filled with data. You are looking to play with data in 2 ways: via rest API or direct data objects. WHY? Because data is time consuming (to manage, to create, to manipulate) and you probably already have experience on manipulating data as a developer. Just get a ready-to-use mobile backend, then evolve the data progressevely (add other APIs, external databases, more data etc).


    • To have frontend templates  that shows practical examples in different frameworks (JS and TypeScript). The catch here is, these templates MUST be  already connected to the backend… WHY? Because developers learn by checking out and running code. If the code is already doing real data manipulation, you will speed up your learning curve dramatically.


  • To be able to evolve these backend and frontend templates with your own code and reuse them to start new projects (instances ready to be re-used)

I am a developer, show me the code and I will learn quickly

If you like this approach, Wakanda is the best option out there. You can have a backend and a frontend connected out of the box. Ready for use in minutes.

click to see the full image

click to see the full image

Try it out:

  1. Install Wakanda.

  2. Download  a  template ( mobile example here  –  web example here).

  3. Run the templates

    When the example pops up, go ahead and learn with hands-on, by inspecting and changing the code (and by seeing the changes automatically reloaded)

Did I mention that our templates come with  login, register, and a hand of practical screens (ready with routing) ?

All that with real data via REST and data objects ?

Start now!

Need more help ? 

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I will personally answer all your questions.

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Go ahead and start a project with these templates!


Wakanda is the best platform for you to learn JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React, Aurelia, VueJS, NodeJS, package managers, REST APIs…