Tech research group Forrester has significantly strong expectations for mobile technology in 2017. “In 2017, mobile will continue to elevate customer expectations as it transforms even non-digital experiences – such as Starbucks “order ahead” functionality.” The report also claims that enterprises will outsource less, with some Fortune 500 companies hiring hundreds for their mobile development unit. The need for developers in enterprises big and small has never been more evident. So, for enterprise managers looking to invest in developers, what should they look for? We’ve highlighted 5 coveted characteristics for potential new hires.

1. Team Player

It can often feel like developers are on their own island, which is an easy mindset to fall into. But your developers, although equipped with highly unique abilities, should be active members of your team. A developer that comes to your enterprise with a strong sense of teamwork and community is a valuable asset to your enterprise. In a team atmosphere, developers have a stronger sense of ownership and accountability for the work they are doing. Not everyone in your enterprise may know or truly understand all that a developer does, but teamwork allows everyone to feel appreciated. When everyone is appreciated, the quality of work increases. Look for someone who can get along with a diverse group of people in the workplace.

2. Communication Skills

Developers have their own language. “Git”, “CSS”, “UX”, “bootstrap”—the list goes on and on! In a perfect world, all departments and areas within an enterprise would be able to communicate successfully with developers. However, that’s hardly the case. A developer with strong communication skills should be able to effectively communicate projects, goals, and setbacks with the team in a way everyone understands. Specifically, in mobile app development, multiple people from multiple areas may have a stake in the project, so it’s crucial that communication is clear and concise. When communication lines are clear your enterprise becomes more efficient and effective.

3. Patience

This characteristic may seem obvious, but its significance cannot be understated. In an enterprise, things change often. And when goals change, developer projects have a strong chance of changing too. Mobile/web solutions are not always easy to change, so finding a developer who is willing to be flexible with the direction of the enterprise is important. A developer with an adverse reaction to change becomes increasingly difficult to work with. Not to mention, a good hire saves you time and money. If you hire well the first time and find someone who’s flexible, this can greatly reduce the amount of stress managers typically carry.

4. High Technical Ability

This goes without saying, but finding a developer with experience and high technical ability in your specific areas of necessity is vital. The beginning of this article already established a significant need for developers across all industries. When hiring a developer, you want to get it right the first time and find someone who has real technical ability, who can troubleshoot problems, and come up with new solutions. Your developer not only needs to be an expert in a couple areas, but well-learned in others.

5. Connected to the Developer Community

Having a developer that’s connected and active in the developer community via social media, Stackoverflow, GitHub, etc. shows that they are in a constant state of learning. The developer world changes rapidly and it’s up to your developer to keep up (as much as possible) to the changes. The developer community is one of the most tight-knit communities in any industry—and you want your developer to be in it. Not only are you employing them, but you’re tapping into a worldwide network of support.